Our History


MEFIYI began January, 1997.  MEFIYI, is a 501(c)3 non profit organization based in Gardnerville, Nevada.  MEFIYI stands for (Me-for- Incredible-Youth, Inc.) We annually organize 24 weeks of sports, education and enrichment activities that develop personal skills and enthusiasm to become high school graduates and inspire career achievement.  2019 will be our 22nd year serving Nevada student athletes giving them a safe and positive environment to explore their talents and ambitions. Our highlights include:

(1) Raising $4 million dollars that support Nevada Student-athlete sports, education and enrichment programs, (2) chaired task force that raised $500,000 to complete Helen and Ollie Westbrook Community Center in Reno, Nevada,  (3) $300,000 start up and operation funding to start and support the Boys & Girls Club of Carson Valley and (4) $600,000 gifted to fifty (50) other non profit organizations who serve our Nevada Student-athletes.