4 Incredible Kids


REWARD Club @ Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School with Guest Presenter and Olympic Team Curling Athlete Larry Sidney.   Mr. Sidney had an outstanding presentation with students about “Following Your Passion”

Western Wyoming Student athlete and Douglas High School Volleyball Graduate Caitlyn Costa and her Father Nevada State Senator James Settelmeyer took the time to share the importance of Family and Community Resources.  When times get tough it takes a village to help us ALL achieve our goals.













Douglas High School Volleyball at EpicDiscovery Summer Camp.  Shout out to EpicPromise sponsored by Heavenly-Vail Resorts for this wonderful activity 

All young people have the potential to succeed; however, not all young people get the support and mentorship they need to thrive.

We need the financial support of caring people like you to help us reach children who require us most. Your investment gives MEFIYI the chance to develop a generation of young Americans who are productive and caring citizens. They will become our community, national and world leaders, exhibiting strong character and integrity to build a better life for themselves, better communities for their fellow citizens and a stronger America.

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