Leadership 4 Teens

L4T is a program organized by MEFIYI Foundation. MEFIYI stands for Me-For-Incredible-Youth and has been serving Nevada Teens since 1997. L4T is cost free to students.

Douglas High students bring home awards

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Leadership 4 Teens Douglas County gives teens an opportunity to learn about their community and develop relationships with our community and business leadership.  

High school students explore job options


Leadership 4Teens (L4T) helps teens understand what their talents are and how to establish successful career relationships before graduation




MEFIYI utilizes curriculum state, county and other local agencies provide job-career training opportunities specifically for ages 18-24.

Our programs initiates training earlier for ages 12-18 years old.  Early age training begins in middle school and helps students learn soft skills and experience their career interests. Defining career interests, at an earlier age, helps youth with the following:

* Understand the importance of educating themselves
* Building career relationships with the business community.

We work with community and business partners who assist in providing internships by age 16.  Ultimately, we assist either providing an opportunity for full time employment or college-vocational financial aid once members become high school graduates.  For more information email team@mefiyi.org.


Any interest in becoming a sponsor?  Please contact us at team@mefiyi.org or call-text 775-781-5954.  Thank you!